We have a decision to make.  No one wants to pay more taxes, but we are at a tipping point. If we don't pass an override now, life in Belmont will not be the same.

With the override...

  • Property values will continue to grow as families move to Belmont for our Tier 1 schools, proximity to Boston and Cambridge, and quality of life.
  • Belmont schools will keep our excellent teachers and add several to serve the 100+ new students moving in to our district each year. Schools will continue to provide the current program of study (without the addition of new programs).
  • Road and sidewalk budgets will be increased by $500,000.
  • Maintenance of our buildings and equipment will be significantly improved. (Note: This does not include new buildings.)

Without the override...

  • Property values will fall as families choose to live in other towns where investments in the town and schools are valued. (This pattern has repeatedly occurred in towns similar to Belmont.)
  • Belmont schools will have to cut teachers from our overcrowded classrooms, while at the same time enrollment is skyrocketing. Our schools are already so lean that this will have a significant impact both on students and on Belmont's Tier 1 ranking.
  • Roads and sidewalks will continue to decay faster than repairs can be made.
  • Deferred maintenance will continue to put our buildings and equipment at risk.
  • More cuts will be necessary every year, as the deficit just keeps getting bigger.