Belmont Needs an Override

A task force of expert residents and staff worked for a full year to develop a long-term financial plan for our town. They unanimously recommended that Belmont needs a $4.5 million override, and the Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to put it on the ballot.
For 13 years, since Belmont’s last operating override, we have lived within our means. But we are at a breaking point. More...

Three Ways to Help...

  1. Talk to your friends and neighbors about the override
  2. Hold signs on election day - email Gail
  3. Deliver "reminders to vote" on Monday night - sign up

You can also print out this flyer and give it to your friends, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter

April 7
7am - 8pm

Unsure where to vote? Go to

And make sure to turn over your ballot ...
the override question is on the BACK!